Time to post something deep and meaningful. Let’s talk about religion.

I’m not religious. I find the whole idea of being told how live my life totally abhorrent. That’s just me. The way I see it, I don’t need anybody to tell me that its bad to e.g. kill people. I make that decision myself.

Seems to me that religion has contributed to so much pain and suffering, we’d all be better off without it. Think about it – The Irish Troubles, the middle east, yugoslavia.All of these were caused (in part, at least) because of differences of religion.

When it comes down to it…it doesn’t matter what people tell you is right or wrong, it’s what’s you believe in your heart that matters.

I’m not especially saying ‘religion is bad’, because let’s face it, that’s a rocky road to go down. And I know many people who find religion a great help in guiding them through the minefield that is life. Perhaps it’s good to believe that this life isn’t all there is..that when the light behind your eyes finally fades there’s somewhere for your soul to live on. I personally don’t believe that, but hey, who am I to say whats wrong and right? If I am wrong, I’m going to look pretty foolish when I die.

I’m not really making much sense now, but anyway, that’s one of my opinions. feel free to disagree/agree/criticise.