Hmm. I know I only put something in earlier this evening, but I realised I hadnt given you an update on my sister for a while. (incidentally, do read the earlier entry, its quite funny.)

Well. Where to begin? Thursday evening, about 9-ish, I get a phone call. Its my mum. She says ‘Laura is in london and will be back here at 4.30 tomorrow morning. Can she stay at your place for the night?’ Well, obviously, I said yes, (you do, dont you) despite the fact that I was BLOODY KNACKERED, due to not having had a day off for 2 weeks. So i get up at stupid o’clock to let her (and her boyfriend!) in to my flat.

So anyway…what’s happened is this – having got to mainland europe, Laura and Andy have managed to spend a large proportion of their money within about 3 weeks. The new plan is to work in the bay until christmas and then start again (with lots of money) in the new year.

I must admit, I felt a right dickhead telling everybody that she’d gone round the world and then telling them she’d got as far as france before coming back.

That’s about all i have to say now.

In case you’re wondering why I’ve written so much tonight (more than usual) its because I can. I can type at 200 word per minute….but only if that word happens to be ‘a’