So anyway, I was going to write a long thing about the nature of love, and my part in it….

But then I forgot half of the points I was going to make, and after that I realised that I was probably going to sound all self-indulgent.

But then I thought “Hey, this is my weblog, I can write what the hell I like!” and got all roused and got ready to write my piece.

But I still couldnt remember what I was going to say.

Anyway, things that have been happening to me.

Well, first and foremost, my ickle sister is leaving the country 🙁 She’s finally decided to up sticks and see the world. I’ve told her that’s what “Wish you were here” is for, but she’s having none of it. So she flies out to Amsterdam on monday and from there she’s going to sort of work her way through Europe and hopefully into Africa. After that…who knows? The sad thing is that I’m worried about her….I know she’s 21 and big enough to look after herself, but she’ll still always be my little sister. I know for certain that I’ll be worried for her while she’s gallivanting around the globe. Bless ‘er. (Admittedly there probably a teeny bit of jealousy involved as well )

I’m moving on Friday…not very far, but into a much nicer place. Pretty stressful, but then I dont really help myself….I always do things at the last minute.

Anyhoo, time for me to leave and try to work out why the hell this firewall hasnt been letting me play 🙁 Had to turn it off to get access, rather defeats the object a bit.

Oh…that love thing will probably have to wait until next time. I’ll try to remember what I was going to say. You can’t wait, can you?