We’re cheering for england (ing-er-land!)

We’re singing the song.

We’re cheering for england (ing-er-land)

Arriverderci, it’s one-on-one.

Yes, its time to set aside all of the “Let’s all just get along” bollocks for a bit of good old-fashioned xenophobia. England vs Argentina, 12:30 BST, Sapporo Dome, Japan. Oh, and by the way, this is football, a game where you use your feet, not football, the game where you throw or run with the damn thing. never did quite understand that.

England will probably lose, but what the hell, losing is what the english do best. We build people up just so that we can knock ’em down. We are Jenga, in human form.

This week I have been on holiday, wahay. Which means that I’ve been on paignton green trying to play football. Not really a pretty sight. I think its time I admit to myself that I’m probably not ever going to be a professional footballer. Of course, should Sven decide that I’m just the man to solve England’s left-sided problems, then i could probably be persuaded to jump onto the plane. But I’m not holding my breath.

I got sunburned, which is a bit of a bugger. I’ve haid my haircut, you see. (it was getting a bit long) and not really liking having my haircut, i though I’d get it cut short to save me having it done for a while. problem is, I’ve realised that my hairline appears to be heading north, which is, well, mildly annoying. Anyway, playing football without a hat meant getting burnt head, which hasnt really happened before. And now it BLOODY HURTS!

But this isnt me fishing for sympathy, oh no. Cos I know I won’t bloody get any In any case, I’m the kind of bloke who laughs at people when they’ve broken down, and so really, I’ve no right not to expect similar treatment now….so go on, laugh.

you buggers.

Anyhow. bye bye!