I was making some food earlier on today, and a thought struck me; how did people find out that you could eat eggs?

I imagine that the man who was the first to eat an egg lost most of his friends pretty quickly afterwards-

“Hey, guys, have some of this. It tastes great.”

“Oh? where did if come from?”

“It came out of a chicken’s bum”


This insight led me to wonder about other foods. Take mushrooms. How many inedible mushrooms did the bloke who ate them first have to try? And how long did it take for the flying giraffes to leave him alone before he actually got to eat his mushroom omelette? ..one thing’s for sure, though; he was a fun guy to be with. (tee hee!) I could go on, but I won’t.

All this goes to prove that humans will do some pretty stupid things if they feel like it. Take the guy who ran 26 miles to report the result of that war. What an idiot…what did he get for it? Nothing, apart from a peanut-based chocolate bar named after him.