I hate it when people that you’ve come to like and care about are in pain, and yet you are unable to do anything about it. I realise that the nature of the internet means that people are sometimes too far away for you to make a difference, but it still hurts to see someone crying out for a shoulder to cry on.

I know that I put up a facade of being a pretty carefree kind of person, but really, I’m a worrier. I tend to worry more about other people than myself. (my sister would no doubt tell you that i can be overprotective, but hey..) I feel that the thing in my life that I’ve found hardest to come to terms with is that in the grand scale of things, I’m helpless. There are times that I don’t know what to do, and there are times that people dont feel that they want my help; that’s fine, I’m like that myself a lot of the time. It’s just, so, bloody frustrating to have to stand by and see somebody upset.

So anyway, for people who know me and feel that I might be able to help, or even for those who think that I can’t, I’ll always around, and I’m always available. There’s no need to have to suffer alone.

-depressed myself now, im off to bed.