Blimey, I havent written anything here for over a week, how remiss of me.

The past week has been a real bugger, because I’ve working my arse off – I’ve been so tired, I haven’t even had time to write some really crap jokes on here. Not time, even, for passing comment about England’s ignominious defeat in the world cup. *boo hoo*

But let’s look on the bright side. I’ve still got my health! And my looks…or at least, the same looks i had before…

oh, im sooo depressed

I think the real bugger about getting older is that you start seeing life shorn of all the little fluffy bits that made the whole deal so appealing when you were a kid. Like Santa Claus. When I found out santa claus was really my dad, i was livid…that bastard hadnt got me the right presents, and he knew me! at least Father Christmas could play the anonymity card. Incidentally…I wonder what Santa Claus’ summer job is. I mean, delivering presents can’t take all year, unless he’s travelling by train. It’d be fun to think he was something really boring…like working in a garden centre..

“Hi, I’d like to buy something to turn over my garden.”

“Ho Ho Ho!”

“yes, that’s right”

Ahem. bye