Thought for the day:

People say that it doesn’t matter what other people think of you, but people who say that are usually confident that people think nice things about them. For us mere mortals though, worrying about others’ opinions of us can be murder. Speaking personally, I spent most of my school life worrying, and not really getting anywhere, but later on I adopted a “fuck it, I’m me, and if you dont’ like me then it’s your loss.” sort of attitude.

Its stood me in good stead.

Sure, I have a certain amount of insecurity, but who doesn’t? I just happen to think that my good points outweigh the bad. Shakespeare probably had it right when he said “To thine own self be true.” of course after that, he probably said…”hah, that’ll get the little bastards worried in english. iambic pentameter! hehehehe”.

or something.