Forgive me people, for I have sinned, it’s been nearly a week since my last entry.

Hopefully, you all had a better weekend than me. After deciding not to go out on saturday night, I had the dubious pleasure of watching the Eurovision Song Contest on telly. For those of you not familiar with this televisual delight, it consist of 3 hours of ‘music’, on song from each european country, usually sung by people you’ve not heard of (and probably will never hear from again) singing songs so bad that even Westlife would turn them down.

The british tend to watch this ‘contest’ in the same way that other people might regard a traffic accident; you know you shouldn’t, you’re aware that its not very tasteful, but you can’t quite take your eyes off it. To my knowledge, only 2 artists have had much of a career because of (or in spite of) this thing – Abba and Celine Dion. ooh, just remembered the good-looking one who used to be on record breakers did it once.

‘Nuff said.

At the end of this punishment, you’ve got another hour or so of voting. I think the idea is that each country represented votes (via phone-in lines) for the song that they think is the best. What actually happens is that countries vote for their close neighbours. Sweden votes for Finland, Spain for Portugal, Holland for Belgium, and (this being europe, after all) no bugger votes for the UK. Worse, if a country happens to be having its first entry at eurovision, they get a condascending cheer every time they get a point.

In the interests of fairness, perhaps I should put forward the good points (?!) of the sorry episode.

ooh, errm.

-The backing singers tend to be pretty nice

-You can always turn the sound off.

-There’s only Blind Date on ITV

-Speaking personally, my life can be real drag, but at least I can say to myself “Hey, it might all be crap, but at least you’ll never be in Buck’s Fizz.”

finally, a question…Why do they all (well, 80%) sing in english?!? There’s a prize for anybody who can give me a feasible answer.